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After many years entertaining audiences in the Social Clubs and Pubs, producing his type of country music, Dave became accepted as a supporting solo act in the Country Music Clubs, supporting such top names as Raymond Froggatt. Dave produces his own particular vocal originality.
His big break came working at Lakeside Country Club in Camberley, Surrey, one of the UK's top venues. Glen Campbell, and Billie Jo Spears are such names that appeared at the club during this period. In 1991 he had the privilege to record at Sound Stage Studio, Music Circle, Nashville. Upon his return he embarked on a successful major theatre tour of the U.K.
Dave still revels in live performing, writing and recording.
Dave made many radio appearances on the B.B.C. World Service, British Forces Network, and his records have been given many an air play on BBC Radio 2 and local radio stations in the UK, Germany and America.
One  of  the  country  music's  biggest  presenters,  David Allan  from Radio  2 Country Club,  has  quoted that  "Dave  is one of the real originals of the British country scene with a style and sound very much of to-day."
“When people as important and knowledgeable as David Allan say this you tend to  sit up and take  notice",  quote by  Stuart Cameron, Radio Caroline.
Dave's  success on vinyl is due to him meeting up with a very talented lyric writer,  Nicky Nicholls, producing the music for her true life lyrics. Record sales have been good in the UK and Germany and as far away places as the Falkland Islands.
Records to date are  "Child of 1945", a single produced in  1984, which gave Dave world-wide acclaim, especially in America, the heart of country music. On a compilation album entitled "British Country Harvest", produced on the White Rabbit label, Dave's track reached No. 2 for two weeks on the Radio Oxford country charts compiled by Stuart Cameron. This was a cover version of the Seekers song 'I'll Never Find Another You' and produced tremendous reaction by radio listeners.
“Following on from this success, an LP was produced, the title track being 'Child Of  1945' and nine other original tracks, which provided a great show-case for not only the rich vocal tones of Dave but also the song writing prowess of Nicky Nicholls and Chris Andrews, Dave providing the musical score on half the lyrics”. Quoted by International Country Music News.

He recently wrote and recorded a tribute song ‘A Man Named Johnny Cash’ which was the title track of his latest CD and received wide acclaim from it's numerous air-plays not only in the U.K. but also from around the world including Australia, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Eire, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Denmark

He is currently writing his auto biography and is hoping to have it completed in the near future.

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